Howdy, this used to be Victor Stone's website. Nowadays, I'm hanging out over here

See, around the web I used to use the fourstones monikor, with variations like fourstones.net or fourstonesdotnet.

The main thing I worked on is a music site called ccMixter and dig.ccMixter. I used to regularly upload music there. There are links on the right side of this page that point to the last uploads.

The source code to those sites are available as open source projects called ccHost and digccMixter for which I was the project lead and main code contributor since 2004.

As fourstones, I published a podcast on the ccMixter Music Channel called Phunky Phetes.

I used to put out albums of fourstones' remix music

I used to muse, pontificate, whine and act all smarmy on my blog called Virtual Turntable.

I'm no longer active into social networks. I've been pulling back on my fourstones persona. email is absolutely my preference for contact these days.

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