Musicians should get paid for making music. But only if you like it. So in order to figure out if you like fourstones music, all of it (not snippets, samples or other fake-outs) is available free for download from the web without DRM or other viruses.

Doesn't that make more sense than the other way?

Chronic Dreams 2

Norine, c. layne and Drop Trio's Ian are back with new vocals from John Jackson and basso superstar ztutz and help from ditto ditto and gobs of Magnatune samples. Details...

Ridin' the Faders 2 (Magnatune Remixed)

Featuring remixes by fourstones (me), Pat Chilla, lo tag blanco and includes the lonelygirl15 theme by Pat Chilla.Details...

La Vie Chill

This music is instrumental "groove soaked ambient chill" (not my words but something to shoot for). Details...

Chronic Dreams

An album of DIY singer/songwriters Lisa Debenedictis, c. layne, and Norine Braun remixed and recast in a chill mood. Details...

Ridin' the Faders (Magnatune Remixed)

A 40+ minute Megamix cut-up of the Magnatune catalog. Details here....


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All music on this page is licensed under a Creative Commons license. You are free to download, share, remix the music.

recently heard on...

A couple fourstones remixes of Colin Mutchler's great music on "PreMixed".
A fourstones remix of "Bad Attraction" on Brack Sucks' remix album.
A fourstones remix on Lisa Debenedictis' album "Tigers."
fourstones produced the c. layne album "The Sun Will Come Out To Blind You."
A fourstones remix on Lavoura Eletro's Máquinas Híbridas
fourstones remix "Birthday Song" on Falik's "The Ballad of El Efe."
fourstones music used in Southern Video Blog's "New Neighbor."
fourstones remix "superego (suicide mix)" was a CC "Copy Me/Remix Me" contest winner.